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The Universal Laws and Principles

Spiritual Vision For The New Era

A contribution to the International Decade for the Cultural Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World, 2001-2010 (From The World Service Intergroup)

Our world is in crisis. Self-interest and materialism are exacting a terrible toll in all areas of life. Yet this is a pivotal moment, for in the midst of crisis, millions worldwide are awakening to a higher vision. In the light of this vision our time is seen to be one of singular opportunity. Depending on the right action and selfless service of people of goodwill, this troubled period can see the birthing of a global civilization with ethical patterns of living inspired by a sense of the wholeness, interdependence and sacredness of life. 

We, from the community of diverse traditions based upon the Ageless Wisdom, affirm this vision of oneness and right relationships with all life as the key to the solution of human and world problems. We affirm the miracle of the human being - the presence of the Divine within each person. To awaken to one’s true Self is to be empowered by the spirit of love and service. 

Representing different approaches to the One, we share the following recognitions, believing them to be significantly useful in forging creative and wholehearted responses to the opportunities of the present: 

1. Choose to live by spiritual values and principles

Human life has meaning. Human evolution is not following a haphazard course. There is a Divine Plan shaped by timeless virtues of love, co-operation for the greater good, respect for the rights and needs of others, and integrity in all relationships and activities. 

2. Accept guardianship for planet earth

Life is one and indivisible. It is humanity’s responsibility to care for the earth, animals, plants, waters, minerals, soil and air. 

3. Practice tolerance and the art of right relationships

We are the one human family. The future well-being of communities worldwide depends upon building a unity that celebrates the interdependence and rich diversity of our different cultures, religions and ways of living. 

4. Live simply and share

Earth’s resources are abundant. There is sufficient to meet our real needs. Poverty causes immense suffering and undermines development. Closing the gap between affluence and poverty is a matter of urgent concern. 

5. Trust in the essential goodness of the heart of humanity

The heart of humanity is sound. Despite all that might seem to deny it, the human being is, in essence, a spiritual being. 

6. Think truth and goodwill

Energy follows thought. We each influence others, and our environment, for better or worse, is created by the thoughts we think and the feelings and actions they evoke. 

7. Invoke the sacred within

Consciousness pervades the universe. Subtle bonds relate all levels of existence from atom to cosmos. Through meditation, prayer and spiritual practice we can bridge between our personal selves and higher dimensions of being. This inner work can enable us to draw upon limitless reservoirs of compassion, beauty and truth.    

8. Be a server

We tread the path by becoming the path. In the process of striving to serve with skill, and to live by spiritual principles, we can be light-bearers to others. 

9. Initiate right thoughts and actions

Life is governed by an immutable law of cause and effect. What is sown will inevitably be harvested. This law governs the incarnations of the human soul life after life, just as it governs a group, a city or a nation. Every action we take that is just and wise contributes to the creation of a better world. Through collective will, inter-group co-operation and concerted action, we can build a culture of peace and non-violence for generations to come. 

10. Work together for the one purpose

The divine love, which is the saving force, is best expressed through deeds of goodwill. By developing unity in essentials and freedom in non-essentials, groups can meet at the level where they agree. Through united action we synthesize our efforts to uplift human consciousness and help unfold the purpose and plan of Deity.


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