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The Universal Laws and Principles

Reflections for Spiritual Approach

There is a particular quality in every human being - an innate, inherent characteristic which is inevitable present - to which one might give the name of ‘mystical perception’. I use this term in a far wider sense than is usually the case, and would have you regard this quality of mystical perception as inclusive of: 

  1. The mystical vision of the soul, of God and the universe. 

  2. The power to contact and appreciate the world of meaning, the subjective world of the emerging reality. 

  3. The power to love and to go out to that which is other than the self. 

  4. The capacity to grasp and to intuit ideas. 

  5. The ability to sense the unknown, the desirable and the desired. The consequent determination and persistence which enables the individual to seek, search for and demand that unknown reality. It is the mystical tendency which has produced the great mystics of world renown, the large number of explorers, discoverers and inventors. 

  6. The power to sense, register and record the good, the beautiful and the true. It is this that has produced the writer, the poet, the artist and the architect.

  7. The urge to discover and to penetrate the secrets of God and of nature. It is this which produced the scientist, and the religious person.

From a study of these definitions you will see how inclusive the term ‘mystical perception’ is. It is no more and no less than the power, innate in each of us, to reach out and to grasp that which is greater and better than ourselves, and which has driven us on, through progressively developing cultures and civilisations, until today we stand on the verge of a new kingdom in nature. It is the power to appreciate and to strive after the apparent unattainable good.

(From Serving Humanity by Alice Bailey)


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