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The Universal Laws and Principles

The Law of Spiritual Approach

Spiritual Approach for most people is related to religion, and this is true as far as it goes.  However Spiritual Approach relates to the development of the life within and the moving forward of consciousness on every level, from the lowest to the highest.  It has been said that the word spiritual covers all that lies beyond the present point of attainment, everything, in other words, that is our next, rightful, evolutionary step.  The Law of Spiritual Approach has therefore an immense range and is connected with human progress to a far greater extent than might at first be thought.

Everything is spiritual that relates to the unfoldment or true progression of humanity, that is, our entry into a higher consciousness of the Great Life of which we are a part.  What has been called religion in the past, with its emotional appeal drawing mankind towards higher ideals, subtler truths, and better ways of living, will gradually become a more scientific process.  This is necessary because already the emotional appeal has lost its hold upon a large section of humanity and, particularly in the West, the mental development of the majority is calling for a presentation of the spiritual life that is not dependent upon faith, but is based on recognizable laws and meets the requirements of the mind.  The great Teachers of the past told their followers what they must do and think to tread the path of inner progression, but such authority is no longer accepted as such and the independent thinking of today demands a new approach to the subjective life.

This is already appearing through the penetration of our civilization into many subtle aspects of life, energy, and physical phenomena.  The hidden world is becoming as real to us as all that we see, and we are beginning to awaken, without the offices of “religion”, to the reality of a great “Life” in which we live, and move, and have our being.  We are beginning to see there is a pattern, and that it cannot spring from chance; and this implies a plan or purpose, and an Architect — a Great Mind or Energy or Being — that originates, impels, and holds this plan in motion.

Also, deep in each one of us there is an inner pull towards some higher form of life, an underlying but insistent urge that prompts us — like the flower which innately turns towards the sun — to look towards something greater than ourselves, and seek for more than that which we already encompass.  This inner impelling force may not always be recognized; hidden deep within the labyrinths of the human make-up it sometimes only emerges in distorted form.  But there are few in whom it does not eventually bring about — like the leaven in the measure of meal — some form of more enlightened living, whether it takes the form of inner spiritual belief of outer practical service.

This “secret force” has been called man’s “divine discontent”, the “hound of heaven”, the “evolutionary urge.”  But, whatever name we give it, the Law of Spiritual Approach is the basic inherent force that governs this impulse in human nature.  Within its domain we find the many techniques of spiritual progress, the practices of the different religions, the methods of bridging in consciousness between the outer and the inner life, and of blending the material and the spiritual to express a new and vital “whole”.

The Law of Spiritual Approach should also be realized as a two-way law of unfoldment — for just as mankind is reaching out to its potential through this approach, so Truth is unfolded layer by layer as man’s capacity to comprehend it is increased.  The briefest glance at the history of the different people on our planet reveals this.  There is no civilization that has not had its great Teacher, no people, nor even tribe that has not had some form of inner truth, some symbolism legends or sagas, customs or rituals, that set for it a standard, held out a vision, or imposed rules to bring about better ways of living.  Where this unfoldment has continued, there has been progression; where a revelation has crystallized and the people have clung to its form after its time has passed, the civilization has deteriorated and others, in new areas of the world, have taken up the torch of mankind’s progress 

This is the meaning of Spiritual Approach.  The faiths, the churches, and the many ways of thought are only the methods of approach, the paths which men choose for themselves, stage by stage and race by race.  Spiritual approach has no limitation in such terms; it is in fact the story of man’s life on earth, for it covers his progression from the earliest forms of consciousness to whatever worlds of realization may lie ahead.

It is a basic truth that all is spiritual that takes us forward, that relates us to our next expansion of consciousness — our next level of attitudes, next realizations, and the next codes or rules if these appear from a higher stage of awareness.  It has been said that the elementary awakenings of primitive man or of tiny children are just as surely spiritual events as are the divine experiences of the spiritual teachers of the human race; also, that the discoveries of science are just as much spiritual unfoldment as the impressions of inner life that the great mystics have received.  This thought again indicates the immense and universal scope of the Law of Spiritual Approach.

Spiritual approach is progression in consciousness — it is the great lighted stairway that leads us step by step into our higher inheritance.  Each step needs effort and involves a gradual growth; but the inner urge in all of us — the “pull” towards what has been called “the Father’s Home” — stirs us to keep our feet upon this lighted stair — and when we satisfy the urge by some endeavor, joy rewards us in a way that is itself revealing of the God in man.

The Law of Spiritual Approach is closely connected with another law — the Law of Attraction.  It is the energy of attraction which initiates and makes possible all approaches.

The whole spiritual evolution of man can be considered as a series of graded approaches to higher levels of awareness, to higher and more inclusive contacts, culminating in conscious union or “at-one-ment” with supreme and universal Reality or Being.  But spiritual approach is not only vertical; it should also be considered in a ‘horizontal’ context, for the expansion of consciousness takes place in all directions.

The first vertical approach is that between the personality and the Soul or Self.  This makes possible the further approach to the Highest, the Supreme – “God.”  The horizontal approaches are those made by the individual to other individuals, and to successively larger groups, and finally to the One Humanity.

Both kinds of approach should be aimed at and achieved simultaneously and in balanced proportions.  A lack of such balance, which occurs very often, leads to uneven development.  An exclusively or predominantly vertical approach easily produces neglect or even condemnation of the external aspect of manifestation (which is no less “spiritual,” and is necessary to the fulfillment of the aims of evolution).  It can easily produce an excessive interest in one’s own achievement and a sense of separation from our human brothers which could be called “spiritual selfishness,” to use a paradoxical expression.

On the other hand, an exclusively or predominantly horizontal approach may lead to absorption into the mass consciousness, identification with selfishly motivated groups, or pursuing one-sided ideals in a fanatical way, even though with good motives and a true spirit of service.  Balance and harmony between the two kinds of approach — upwards and outwards — creates an expanding spherical field or “aura” of contacts and unification — a true synthesis.

All this is not difficult to understand and may appear even obvious, but deeper consideration shows that it takes much wisdom to practice it, constant watchfulness and a firm directing will.

The preceding concerns man’s self-initiated approaches.  But there is another kind of approach leading to unification — that which comes from the higher levels of reality and life.  This comes “from above” in response to a “call” — is evoked by the invocation of an individual or a group.  The “approaching Agent” can be the Soul or Self, or a higher Being or Beings.  But these higher Beings, impelled by humanity’s needs and sufferings, or in order to implement more rapidly and fully the great plan of evolution, may Themselves initiate a descending  approach.

At present both these conditions and incentives are operating.  The need of humanity is urgent and acute, and the use of prayer, of appeal, and of invocation is growing in both extent and intensity.  There are therefore good reasons to hope, and even have an assured belief, that some great Approach is on its way.

The coming of some higher Beings in the form of a Divine Messenger or Teacher at times of great human crisis and transition from one age to another is a historical fact, and there is at present a widespread and growing expectancy of such an event.  Also, if we are convinced of the potency of the inner action of invocation, we may be sure that it will evoke a corresponding response.

The Law of Spiritual Approach and Glamor

The Law of Spiritual Approach is particularly related to the problem of glamor, and it clearly indicates the way in which it can be overcome.  Glamor has been described as a dense fog in which we are immersed, which prevents our sight of the mountain top and the clear sky above.  Even worse, the glamor in which humanity is immersed can be considered a real psychic smog, which not only conceals Reality, but is harmful and even poisonous.

To free ourselves from this we must first rise above it to a higher level of pure air and clear vision, and from there recognize the various glamors that pervade our lives, and project a dispelling light onto them.  This means making a spiritual approach to Reality by raising our consciousness towards and if possible, into “the pinnacle of peace and altitude of joy where the Soul immovably stands.”

Let us also realize for our encouragement that spiritual approach is reciprocal.  Spiritual light and energy are always descending and endeavour to approach us, and they can reach us if we rise above the fog into the clear atmosphere of the illumined mind.

This is what we are attempting, and gradually becoming accustomed to doing, when we use the Technique of Light.  Therefore, as well as being a means of dissipating glamor, this technique can be considered and used as a meditation on the Law of Spiritual Approach, ever keeping in mind that while we are using it we are working under and with that great law. 

The use of the Great Invocation is also a powerful means of bringing about spiritual approach.  Our ascending invocative appeal creates a channel for the descending approach and down-pouring of the great spiritual energies of Light, Love, and Power.  Therefore, after the use of the Technique of Light, which is really a form of meditation, the Great Invocation should be voiced with the realization that it creates a great spiritual approach, both individually and from the whole of humanity.

 In a general way, all glamors hinder spiritual approach, and conversely, the more we achieve spiritual approach the more we can work effectively at dispelling our glamors —and also help to eliminate world glamor.  Yet some glamors are particularly obstructing on the upward way towards Reality.  Among these are many of the third and fifth categories (the glamors of activity and the glamors of the mind, particularly the following:

Overemphasis of form Self sufficiency 
Preoccupation with practical matters Over-activity
Self-centeredness on the personality level Mental pride



Outer Expression

Remembering that the completion of the meditation process is the expression in daily life of  the higher concepts and influences reached through it, watch how much you are doing this and attempt to cultivate the habit of a joyous attitude and the continual orientation to spiritual approach in one way or another.

The Great Invocation


From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.


From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.


From the Center where the Will of God is known

Let Purpose guide the little wills of men

The Purpose which the Masters know and serve.


From the center which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.


Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. 


We are meditating on “The Law of Spiritual Approach” for the months of September and October. 

(source: Meditation Group for the New Age).


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