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The Universal Laws and Principles


“God has made an earth where we are not alone, where what we do inevitably affects an ever-widening circle. It is the glory and the tragedy of the earth that we are all involved in each other. We certainly benefit from the interlocking of our destinies....In this mutual world we are all recipients of the blessings that we did not create. But what a price we pay for our social interdependence! The innocent suffer because the evil that men do spreads like a dark stain through the fabric of life. This is truly tragic. But the alternative would be even more so. It would mean that we would have to be windowless little souls hermetically sealed off, not only from mutual evil, but also from mutual good.. Society is God’s gift to this earth, and our mutual involvement may yet be made His supreme benediction.” J.L. Liebman in Peace of Mind

We have several billion neighbors - not neighbors who exactly share the same street, but fellow human beings who have been brought in close contact with us, and with each other, through modern methods of living that they really are “neighbors.”

This means that Right Human Relations must be of paramount importance in the New Age we have entered, but there is also another factor - this increase of contact has occurred in a very short time compared to the long periods of gradual change through which life developed in the past.

Suddenly distances separating one people from another have been telescoped; happenings on the other side of the world are being seen and heard at our own firesides.; we have developed habits that make us economically dependent on people in almost every land, these are all necessitating adaptation on our part. Whether consciously or not, we are being forced to change our attitudes, to think in new dimensions, to expand in consciousness as quickly as science is taking our civilization forward, and this is quite a demand on human nature.

Yet we must also recognize that these outer circumstances are only forcing us at last to accept the relationship that is our true inheritance as human beings. This relationship is the basis of our existence; it is not only an ideal for harmonious living or a necessity for survival, it is a fact in nature . We are indissolubly linked, growing up together in the great drama of life that is unfolding on our earth. We are in continuous contact with each other, not only socially and on the physical plane, but also through the inter-penetrating currents of our thoughts and emotions. We are parts of a whole, like the cells of our own bodies - each a unit, yet each also a part of a larger form. We are members of our family, citizens of our town, we belong to our nation and - under the same law - we are units in the whole of the human race. 

Consideration of these facts enables us to see the wide perspective in which the Law of Right Human Relations has its place and its function. It is not only a law for our right contact with others, it is a basic rule of the whole organism of life, and its field is the total area in which we live, that is, outer practical expression and inner feeling, attitude and thinking.

Various qualities need to be given thought in any study of Right Human Relations. A sense of responsibility, understanding, compassion, love, and harmlessness are all links in the chain of right relationships which must be forged within our own hearts. And this is our basic problem, the establishing of that right attitude within ourselves which will set free the flow of right relationship, breaking down the barriers and opening the way of expansion into the life of others.

We are experimenting daily with the science of Right Relations, even if often blindly and unconsciously. Through all the necessary everyday acts of cooperation, through the organization of our lives, through the handling of all our contacts, we are experimenting practically with and experiencing the various aspects, degrees and types of relationships. In addition, we are continually building all of this on the inner planes with our thinking and feeling. 

It is a joyous concept that we are one human family, and although its realization has been checked by the necessary growth of individualism and self- assertion, we are now at a point where the delicate balance between individuality and the whole can begin to be achieved. The Law of Right Human Relations is concerned with intelligent participation in this whole; unthinking acceptance and the ancient “herd instinct” have no part in the attitudes of the New Age. It is as developed individuals that we will attempt to fit the little personal units rightly in the jigsaw of the life of the one humanity, and it is intelligent cooperation with this Law of Right Human Relations that is called for from those seeking to help establish the New Age.

Just as we have individually to learn the art or science of right relationship with each other, so humanity as a whole has to learn its relationship with that which lies above and beyond it, and with the kingdoms of nature which lie below it. This emphasizes: 

1. The vertical as well as the horizontal function of relationship. 

2. The basic need of humanity to align with “Higher Powers” through prayer, meditation, invocation, and all other possible ways of approach. 

3. Our responsibility to the lower kingdoms of nature.


As a daily exercise visualize your relationships as living, golden threads or channels through which light and love can flow freely. 

Key Thought

To be said each morning on waking:

“May everyone with whom I come in contact today be blessed.”

 Prayer for Unification

Say the Mantram of Unification (enclosure) with focus, feeling and intent.

(keep the Mantrams sheet at the place where you are meditating)

Meditation on the Law of Right Human Relations 

1. Visualize a symbol of Right Human Relations that has meaning for you.

This could for example be two hands clasping each other or visualizing planet earth and humanity connecting with beams of light across all races and creeds.

2. Reflectively consider the meaning, value, and implication of this Law.

3. Plan how to demonstrate it individually, and how to contribute towards its implementation in the world.

4. Radiating Right Human Relations to Humanity through visualizing and formulating your insights from the meditation.  

Please consult the outlines given in “Creative Meditation” and “Radiating To Humanity.” 

We are focusing our Group Meditation two times a week on Monday and Friday at a time of day which suits you best. These days of the week have been specifically chosen for our focus on what lies ahead (Monday) and reflecting on what has occurred during the week (Friday).

The duration of each meditation is individual but is often suggested at ten to twenty minutes.

Our focus on Right Human Relations is for  two months: January and February. 

Qualities Needed for Right Human Relations:

These can be used as a focus for our meditations. 

Sense of Responsibility Harmony Service Goodwill
Understanding Forgiveness Trust Generosity
Compassion Patience Gentleness Communication
Love Integrity Openness Tolerance
Harmlessness Freedom Inclusiveness Honesty
Spirit of Sharing Oneness Humor Courage

Hindrances to Right Human Relations:

These may be worthwhile for our reflections: 

Separativeness Self-assertion Superiority Suspicion
Power Self-centeredness Isolation Aloofness
Fear Dishonesty Impatience Distrust
Loneliness Neediness Moodiness Intolerance
Stinginess Harshness Irresponsibility  

(source: Meditation Group for the New Age).


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