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The Universal Laws and Principles

Reflections on the Principle of Unanimity

Group Unity:

Aart Juriaanse writes in Bridges: “The best way to ensure group unity is to begin with group meditation in an effort to absorb the individual souls into the One Soul, and thus to attain greater synthesis in the group, resulting in better co-ordinated action. The second essential is that this synthesis of purpose should be demonstrated in concerted activity as group service..” p 423 

In our study of the Universal Laws and Principles it does not suffice to absorb the material with intellectual understanding only. In order to create an effective service as a meditation group we need to access a higher mental level and thus achieve  spiritual focus as a group. 

Although we probably never will be physically together, we have come together on subtler levels through our magnetic attraction as individuals to a service to humanity which is based on goodwill and the ideal of right relations among all beings and to the planet. This magnetic attraction to a common ideal is the basis for group synthesis, which we need to affirm through our connection on a group soul level. Although as individuals we select an approach that suits us best, it is our combined invocative power through meditation that makes us effective in radiating these insights and blessings into our environment, to humanity and the world we all inhabit. 

As a Universal Laws meditation group we do not stand alone in our efforts, we link up with other groups that have the focus of serving humanity, some of very  long standing. They may be of traditions, cultures and languages that we are not familiar with, however it is by transcending these often physical barriers that we reach out to the soul of humanity and realize our common bond of being world servers changing the consciousness of humanity to attract more light to itself. Our task is to build a “ lighted house” to absorb the darkness and to serve as a beacon. 

This is our responsibility of meditating, because it is through meditation that we affirm our common vision and maintain a concerted focus. It is only through meditation that we leave behind our contorted analytical mental processes and reach the plane of intuition and divine concepts. As individuals we will absorb intuition and illumination at our own levels but it is the same consciousness that we participate in and are partaking of. 

Aart Juriaanse mentions three basic attributes which qualify the intuition. These are: 

  1. An illumined mind which will light the disciple’s way and will guide him/her on the path of service.

  2. Perfect and spontaneous understanding in dealing with one’s fellow human being. This will be demonstrated by a steady love for all beings, but also coupled with emotional detachment, which will ensure an objective and balanced approach to all problems.

  3. The constant presence of soul love, demonstrated as that inclusive grasp of the inner needs of all beings, and the ability to react positively to the relief of such need. This will lead to the breaking down of all barriers and the negating of hurtful criticism. (Bridges p.312)

The beauty of our meditation on the Universal Laws and Principles and radiating this consciousness to humanity  is that we need not manipulate these energies. These energies of unity  already exist: they are based on three Great Laws that govern the Universe and all of Creation, which are the Law of Synthesis, the Law of Magnetic Attraction and the Law of Economy. Together these three laws of Oneness operate in all that exists in the known and unknown universe. Our Universal Laws and Principles are an expression of that Oneness which we invoke and radiate to humanity through our Creative Meditation. 

Without these Three Great Laws we and our world would become unglued in more ways than one as it is this natural law and synthesizing magnetic force that keeps our human bodies as well as the natural kingdoms together and operating as a purposeful and functioning whole.  

“ The emanation of the energy of unity is what we call love. Love is the energy that holds all things together, refining them to greater and greater states of integration - always, though, within the framework of purpose..” ( Andrew Schneider in The Mysteries Revealed (p 179). 

“ Meditation is a way of changing the limitations of the personality into the perfections of the Soul, the potentialities becoming actualities and the opposites becoming as one. Meditation is about becoming Truth, Beauty and Goodness - these are the basic potentialities of every person. When this trinity is actualized the result is Unity (integration, inclusiveness, oneness). Meditation is a way of being present with a greater reality, an at-onement with a higher energy ..” (Ibid p150) 

We are privileged to have gained these insights, but this increased knowledge brings with it an awesome responsibility. It is our task to raise our consciousness through meditation to a highest possible level so we become receptive channels, both as individuals and as a group within a greater group, to send blessings of Love and Light to an often confused humanity. 

There is a rhythm to meditating which is based on discipline. We may not like that word, but this discipline is linked to ritual and we can imbue this ritual with as much beauty as we like to create. Find that time for stillness and reflection, create a sacred space. Use mantrams that have deep meaning for you but be flexible enough to change or alternate these when there is a tendency to say them by rote. To follow a meaningful daily ritual helps at times of confusion or busyness. Creating this point of light and beauty in your day is an another expression of love and the Law of Magnetic Attraction. 

Let us keep ourselves motivated to make a difference in the world!


For the World Service Association,

Judy, Cathy Jo and Alida


Universal Laws Committee

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