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The Universal Laws and Principles


Our Meditations

Our Universal Laws Meditation Group is continually growing. Many participants are distributing the information through their own network and groups. We are in Australia and Scandinavia and most likely other countries as well in an ever widening ripple effect. Our work together is not new: people have been meditating on the Universal Laws and Principles for many years, we are empowered by them and in turn we empower them also with this new thrust in a format that we hope people from all walks of life can relate to. People of Goodwill are everywhere, we are connected with them also.

With all of this in mind it would strengthen our unity if we consciously connect with each other when we begin our meditations. Visualize planet earth with a light grid around it, a web of light with each point of light representing  individuals and groups and people of Goodwill reaching out to each other and connecting. Together we have one focus: Right Human Relations and One Humanity. With the vibrations of our unified thoughts, our voices and our actions we sound a clear healing note for Planet Earth and all its Creation. We radiate Love and Light and Goodwill and humanity responds. We give thanks for the Gift of this opportunity to be of service. 

It is helpful before meditating to read the material on Right Human Relations and do this every time when we need that focus. Go over the list of qualities and select one that speaks to you that day. Sometimes the same quality needs to be the focus for several days. There are qualities not listed and you may want to make a different choice. For example “sustenance” is not on our list. We usually invoke the universe to provide us with the sustenance we need. But in right human relations we each carry the responsibility of sustenance for each other, so we are in fact  responding to the prayers and invocations of others. We are in service of the Universe! 

Some Reflections (for individuals or groups)

A. How and when do you perceive the need for Right Human Relations in your community and in the world?

B. Specify simply and clearly what is needed, when and where.

C. What obstacles and difficulties do you perceive to bring this about?

D. What can you do individually and as a group to manifest Right Human Relations?

E. When and where have you observed this Law in operation? 

Radiating To Humanity

Using your insights from item B., radiate this energy to where it is needed, visualize humanity receiving it and acting upon it.

You may want to refer to “Creative Meditation” and “Radiating To Humanity.” 

We are One, we are One Humanity.


Universal Laws Committee

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