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The Universal Laws and Principles

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There is a new responsibility that faces humanity. For too long we have wrestled through the ages with each other and with ourselves because we have been out of touch with the divine laws and have not ordered our lives in accordance with their principles.

We must begin to live in harmony with spiritual law, the recognition and acceptance of this is essential in order to bring balance in the human situation.

Spiritual laws and principles have directive power which cuts through human complexity and confusion, they clear a path for us and lead us to freedom, simplicity and truth.

In order to take up this challenge for humanity  we need to take on this responsibility in our personal lives. Our potential and our influence has far-reaching effect, much more than we realize. And it is our inner possibilities which are the clue.

The Universal Laws and Principles are as follows. Please note that each law has a corresponding principle so that in effect there are three sets of two, yet for clarity they are here numbered one to six.

1. Law of Right Human Relations

2. Principle of Goodwill 

3. Law of Group Endeavor

4. Principle of Unanimity 

5. Law of Spiritual Approach

6. Principle of Essential Divinity


Introducing the Universal Laws & Principles

1. Law of Right Human Relations:

This law is the basis of our existence. It is not only an ideal for harmonious living or a necessity for survival, it is a fact in nature. We are all linked together in the unfolding drama of life on earth, not only socially and on the physical plane, but also through our inter-penetrating thoughts and emotions. We are parts of a whole. 

Right human relations is the total field in which we live: outer expression -  inner feeling -  attitude -  thinking. It prompts us to take responsibility in these areas and to have understanding, compassion and love, and to practice harmlessness. Only then will we break down the barriers within ourselves and open the way to relate to others. 

2. Principle of Goodwill:

Goodwill promotes harmony and unity, it breaks down barriers and builds bridges: it stimulates right action. Goodwill eliminates separate reactions and creates lines of communication. Goodwill fosters understanding. Goodwill dispels fear, evokes trust and cooperation. It is effective in healing both individual and social ills.

3. Law of Group Endeavor:

The first thing to be realized is that groups in the New Age will be quite different from the ones that have existed until now: the authoritarian leader at the center will be a thing of the past. Groups in the New Age will be free associations of individuals held together by a common idea, a common purpose and a common service. This calls for a high standard of integration and mutual dedication, which can only be arrived at through inner unanimous orientation. 

The basic purpose of the Law of Group Endeavor is for the greater good of all and for the elevation of the whole.

4. Principle of Unanimity:

Unanimity means having identical intention. Although it unites people with a common vision, there can be diversity of ideas and efforts. The Principle of Unanimity needs to promote freedom of expression. 

Unanimity calls for love, understanding and trust, it calls for clear thinking, discrimination and wisdom. It calls for maintaining the common vision while working out the details and the methods for service.

5. Law of Spiritual Approach:

Everything that relates to the unfoldment and true progression of humanity is spiritual. 

The Law of Spiritual Approach is the basic inherent force of the human being to be part of a spiritual whole. It is evolving from the individual emotional orientation of the past towards a more mental understanding and a need to bring spirituality into all areas of living.

This approach forms a bridge between the inner and outer life, it forms a bridge between the lower and higher dimensions. The Law of Spiritual Approach promotes our awareness that all fields of human endeavor are inherently spiritual and pose the challenge to operate all fields of endeavor based on right principle.

6. Principle of Essential Divinity:

Our first recognition and feeling of divinity comes through the wonders of nature and the creative force around us. Our response to this is our own creative urge and connection to that which is greater than ourselves and which sounds a note of response from deep within us. 

Essential Divinity is not something that can be proved by reason or explained by words. It is a living reality that must be experienced through an inner revelation an illumination.

We awaken to an existent and higher aspect of ourselves, the true essence of our being. 

Beauty - Truth - Goodness - Unity - Light - Love - Power

(source: Meditation Group for the New Age).


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