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October 14, 2009


WSA Presidents Report Oct. 2009

 It has been a quiet year. We continued to pursue the possibility of David coming to Canada. However, we have learned that the appeal of a visa, will take longer than we thought. Our personal letter to the High commissioner in India was eventually returned. It seems that because of bomb possibilities, they will not open letters marked personal. We also learned that that office, (staffed by locals) has never issued a visa to a low caste individual.

 It was then decided that we would support David in obtaining his MBA in India as this is now an imperative for him. He started college in August. This is at a cost of US $2,500/yr and is two year program. We have undertaken to pay this and also to help with living expenses. Some of our board members have committed to a monthly payment towards this. We are also looking into other fundraising opportunities.

 We were delighted to hear that in Nov. of 2008, David attended an international peace conference in Jaipur and even spoke to the assembly there. It seems to have been a wonderful experience for him, which of course included flying for the first time. We see that it has broadened his experience and allowed him to meet and make friends with people from other countries.

 We will continue to hold him in the light and trust that all is working out as it should.

 Dorothy had asked us to consider becoming the sponsoring non-profit segment of a Salmon Arm endeavour to create cooperative initiatives among individuals with similar entrepreneurship. She has given us information on this. However, it now seems that funding is not currently available, but may be pursued at a future date.

 I must now thank the board for their continuing support of our endeavours, particularly Alida, who has put so much time and effort into the attempt to get David to Canada.

It has often been frustrating, but however it works out, we trust that it is all for the best.

 Love and Blessings to all who have supported us over the past year.

 Vera Ito,

President WSA