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The goal of the Institute of Global Education is to educate those who desire to participate in a world where peace is a way of life. Individuals will be empowered to cultivate an attitude of world citizenship where international thinking is the norm. We live in a world of abundance in which we need to improve our skills for accomplishing the changes needed to correct inequities and shortages. Students and participants will develop the abilities to promote food sufficiency, reverse environmental degradation, mentor social justice, and maximize self realization within the global community.                   


 The Institute for Global Education incorporated December 12, 1980. Non profit status was granted March 1, 1984 under USA 501(c)(3) regulations. Radio For Peace International was created November 2, 1985. The Institute nurtured the international shortwave radio station, broadcasting from Costa Rica, until it became an independent corporation on April 9, 1992.

The Institute of Global Education was granted status at the United Nations in 1998 as an “NGO in Special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations”. The Institute has permanent Representatives at United Nations Headquarters in New York and in Geneva. Efforts are made to strengthen and empower the United Nations to fulfill its global mission.


Since June 2004, concentration has been on the College Scholarship Fund. Through donations and sponsorships this fund assures education for those deserving and financially-in-need students tenth level and beyond who would otherwise be unable to go to college. Many are from families where they are the first to go to college. For these students education is their only access to a real future.

The Institute also conducts courses (credits may be granted through cooperating universities) through the Department of Integrated Ecopsychology. Dr. Michael Cohen, Director, holds workshops throughout the USA and has interactive classes on the internet as part of distance learning. His work is widely recognized.

The Institute has published several significant books including the award winning Connecting with Nature: Creating Moments that Let Nature Teach, Well Mind Well Earth, Reconnecting with Nature, and Einstein’s World all by Dr. Michael Cohen. Dr. Richard Schneider wrote In Search of Rainbows and In Search of Rainbows II and III, which have been translated into Telugu, and most recently (2006) The Collected Works: In Search of Rainbows.

The Institute held several Peace and the Planet Symposiums including Native Wisdom, Natives Rights and Mother Earth and Belonging to Mother Earth: Indigenous Wisdom and Healing that brought together indigenous leaders and lay people from around the world.                     


The Institute of Global Education has created a learning experience that is global, experiential, Holistic and sustainable. So as to provide accessibility to all peoples, a pragmatic, individualized approach is used for determining prerequisites for study.

Through the World Core Curriculum the Institute offers a dynamic quality to education in a universal sense. Training and leadership are provided to those with interest but without the means or resources to access leading theory and strategies of emerging global unity.

Students become teachers and teachers become students. The Institute has created a cooperative process that emphasizes the nurturing of relationships, both inner-personal and inter-personal. Opportunities are provided for one-on-one situations and for the integration of skills on a collective, global level. A variety of internships are available for on-site experience. Attention is placed on learning effective skills for empowered global citizenship through local community activity.

The values that the Institute of Global Education teaches and the issues which its organizational format addresses are summarized in these words of Dr. Schneider, “Education is a potent force in shaping values and in harmonizing the forces of tradition and innovation. Educational efforts must be on a global basis and we must all come to think and act as world citizens.”

The Institute of Global Education aids in the development of thinkers, prepared as world citizens, to make constructive and peaceful contributions to the betterment of the planet and the human condition. Today, the future of the planet and life as we know it depends on the transformation of current thinking and behavior. Developing higher consciousness as the core foundation is an effective way to create the changes needed. The entire process is non-discriminatory, inclusive and eclectic.


Dr. F. Richard Schneider has served the Institute of Global Education since its inception in 1980. Previously, he served and/or directed government agencies and private social service organizations in many settings. Dr. Schneider initiated innovative and far reaching programs for children and youth and nurtured development of global projects with indigenous peoples. He has taught at the university level and has extensive experience in curriculum development and program management. He has developed and directed numerous symposiums and international conferences. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute.

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Column from United Press International's R&S section:

"Miracle of the Mucherla Global School"

Ruth Schneider retired to an idyllic peaceful life.  But her urge for selfless service would take her on an improbable journey.

Bernard Starr, PhD

Institute of Global Education (IGE)


March 2009


The Indian Student Scholarship Fund

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Dear Friends and Supporters:

 Another school year is winding down in India. Many of our students are presently writing final exams. This will continue through April. It has been a fruitful year with many achievements and more break though for our lower caste and non-caste students.  It is true that the Constitution of India declares the abolishment of caste but I can tell you that this is not happened and is still very much a work in progress. Our students have broken one barrier after another and are not really free until they have their college degrees. There are no other stepping-stones to their futures other than their education.

 We will graduate five students this year: Degree students are Upendar, Ghouse and Unagesh. It is interesting to note that one is Christian, one is Hindu, and one is Muslim. All three will receive the Bachelor in Business degree. Rajini just graduated with a degree in nursing. Pavani will receive her master's degree in organic chemistry. In addition, two students, Veerababu and Sravani, are completing their Tenth Level programs. These are the stepping-stones to a solid and wonderful future for these students. All succeeded only because you stood by them all these years with love and financial support.

 The financial crisis in the USA and everywhere has created our own financial crisis. The costs continue, the tuition's keep rising, the hostel fees continue to go up.  Even the exam fees have doubled. In India you pay for each final exam individually. Now is a great time to donate to keep the program alive and well because we are receiving the highest exchange rate that we have ever received. A year ago the exchange rate was 38 rupees to a US$. Right now we are receiving between 49 and 50 rupees to a US$.

 Please join us in keeping the program viable and these students on track so the others can finish their degrees or intermediate work. They need you loving support, financial help and your good wishes.


Richard Schneider CEO

Judy Anderson Board of Directors