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Serving Local and Global Communities

The following Vision and Mission Statements with accompanying Guidelines serve as a directive for WSA and its involvement in local and global services.

Mission Statement

To promote sustainable communities where each individual achieves the highest degree of self realization within a community of cooperation



A world in which the worth of all individuals is recognized in local and global communities which are socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable

Guiding Principles

As an Association we believe in the development of ethical, cooperative and sustainable communities.

    1. In ethical communities people practice the principles of right living where all beings are valued equally.

     2. In cooperative communities individuals work together for the common good while meeting individual needs.

     3. In sustainable communities people manage their activities in a way that balances social, economic, environmental and cultural needs, to meet our needs and those of future generations.



The methods chosen to implement the mission will always be directed toward the establishment, maintenance and support of the following:

    1. lifestyles that serve the health and well-being of all people, both locally and globally, while concurrently protecting and maintaining the integrity of the environment upon which all living systems depend.

    2. right economic development founded on ethical, cooperative and sustainable practices.

    3. healthy communities of goodwill, right human relations and unity through diversity.

    4. opportunities for all individuals to develop their human potential to be of greater service to their community, their family, their work place and global community.

    5. quality of service in the programs that the WSA supports or sponsors through an operational framework that guarantees the well-being of those being served, as well as of the service providers in the programs.

    6. those organizations, programs or initiatives that are consistent with the above guiding principles and methods.


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