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The Universal Laws and Principles

An Introduction

The New Age

We stand at the gateway of a new era and a new world outlook, and the question that thinking people are asking today is where are we going in the future lying immediately ahead and what can we do to ensure it will be a time of better, more constructive living?

Our gradual progress throughout the ages has brought us to a stage of civilization where the complexity  of our lives and the impacts on our sensitivity have reached an almost maximum point. The happenings in the farthest corner of the world have repercussions on us today and concern us personally, either physically and economically or emotionally and mentally. And while we can see historically how mankind has always progressed through crises, never before has the entire world population been involved together. So we stand at a unique point in the long series of tortures and triumphs of the human spirit, all of which tell the story of humanity up to now and emphasize that growth must proceed. There is no standing still for humanity, and we are stepping into a new age as old forms disappear and new ones take their place, as has happened many times before.

The next step therefore, is our very real concern and our responsibility. Two forces - materialism and spirituality - face each other.

Realization of responsibility is one of the characteristics of the present time and people are wondering what they can contribute to the common good. No matter what our convictions are, we see that the unfolding age depends on us, and in the search for ways and means to take up this challenge we find that our inner possibilities are the clue. We find that we have the power through our minds to work with subtler influences and to use energies of far-reaching strength, and this discovery reveals that our creative and constructive potential is much greater than we realize. It also means that, as we learn to use our minds, instead of being used by them, we begin in a real and definite way to create the world we hope for and need, and to take our places - no matter who we are - among the builders and the workers who are bringing in the New Age.

Spiritual Laws

This New Age and this new world order must be founded on spiritual laws and principles. For too long we have wrestled through the ages with each other and ourselves because we have been out of line with divine laws, and have not ordered our lives in accordance with their principles, although time and time again we have been directed to them by the great Law-Givers of God.

We must begin to live in harmony with spiritual law; the recognition and acceptance of this is essential to bring right balance into the human situation. Spiritual laws and principles have directive power which cuts through human complexity and confusion. Like pathways through the jungles of life they help us to find clearer trails and come eventually to the uplands of freedom, simplicity and truth. They signpost the way at all stages. The Laws of Nature, which protect and direct on the physical plane are, we know, inviolable except at our cost, and in every type of laboratory in the world more and more of the perfect economy with which they work is being discovered and the beauty of the pattern they reveal is seen.

Evolution has unfolded through the agency of law and each age and race has had the needed laws given to each people. To mention the best known: the Commandments which Moses brought down from the mountain, the Noble Eight-fold Path of the Buddha, the Law Christ gave for the Christian era - the Law of Love. And as we look for guidance today in the bringing in of a new world order based on spiritual values, we find that, while these may be formulated in various ways, they may be summed up in three Laws and three Principles which are universal, and which can be adopted as a platform whatever our convictions and beliefs.

They are:

For a summary on each of these Laws and Principles please review the enclosure called “Universal Laws Profile”. Full descriptions for each will be sent in timing with the meditation schedule.

These Laws and principles form a fundamental code for our life in the New Age. They ring out the note of our higher possibilities, and if we will work with them they can establish those conditions upon earth which will truly build a new and better world.

Creative Thinking

How can we work with these Laws and principles? There are two ways - outer action and inner action.

Outer action is easily understood. It means bringing these Laws and principles into all our daily attitudes and activities and relating them to every occasion; it means general cooperation with their influence and bringing to the world the awareness that they are essential foundations of our daily living and are the guarantee of peace.

Inner action is more difficult and consequently needs more explanation and study, but its importance will be realized when we remember that the “inner action” of thought is something we use all the time, even though we may not notice it, and that thought lies at the back of everything we do: building our attitudes, our relationships and our whole way of life. In the world of the mind are born the practical beginnings of everything that eventuates on earth.

In this way the world of tomorrow is hourly being born; thinkers are all the time building the pattern of things to come.

Each of us can use creative thinking and build with it the inner structure of the world that is to be - the new world outlook based on spiritual values and on universal law. For it is not only the thought of the inventors, the scientists and the nations ’leaders that is bringing in the new civilization - the weight of the mass of public thought and the power of the aspiration of all of humanity are bringing into being the circumstances and the conditions that we shall have tomorrow. Each of us can play a constructive part in this if we so choose.

The mind is a great creative instrument as well as a vital “activator.” Its vision links us with our higher possibilities and through it we are able to probe the outer rim of our existing knowledge and catch sight of the world of meaning and values. This enables us to gather in the higher ideas of the true, the good, the needed, bringing them down to everyday recognition and making them part of the fabric of life.

Creative thinking is a definite stage in objectifying ideas and higher concepts; and because thought is an energy, we can use its power to develop the qualities, the attitudes, and the conditions that we think should prevail. If we use thought consciously and creatively, we can bring about changes in ourselves and our lives, and also can contribute to changes on a wider scale in our environment and in the world.

Throughout the ages prayer has been a lifeline between the inner and the outer worlds, and it has formed a magnetic channel for the sustaining force that humanity has needed. But while prayer will always be a foundational approach, the present day development of intellect demands for many a more mental form of “inner action”- meditation of a creative nature, which is a positive and scientific method of working with law.

Meditation is not an abstract activity, as it is frequently considered to be in our extroverted western civilization with its emphasis on the tangible and the external and on seen results. It entails concentration, reflection, understanding, a clear conception and formulation of ideas or thoughts, and then consideration and visualization of the ways and means of bringing them to outer expression. Meditation is a definite type of action and of service. The usual contraposition of meditation on the one hand and of action on the other is misleading. They constitute two successive phases of conscious, purposeful action, and meditation is the “building without hands”.

The value of group meditation should also be realized. While the isolated individual often feels ineffective and consequently becomes despondent, many people meditating on one theme multiply the power of each individual by an extra factor - that of the common purpose and concerted endeavor. An interplay of mental energy is set up, and strength is gathered  in to the united effort by the diverse contributions each one makes - a strength which is also felt by each one in the group.

The work of this group therefore, while basically meditation, is specifically directed to anchoring the Universal Laws and Principles in the world. The have been called the Laws and Principles of the Kingdom of God, and their building into the fabric of our lives can create those conditions which will bring a true rule of the Soul of humanity on earth.

This is a common purpose which links those of many different ways of thought, and those who participate in this group meditation will affiliate themselves with all those who are concerned for humanity and eager to help in the great forward going, and who, with this in mind, will work through thought, meditation, and prayer with these precepts. This spiritual project is not suggested as an alternative to any form of service already being followed, but is offered as an additional way of working which can be utilized by each within his own field.

To bring the strength of simultaneous meditation to the Universal Laws and Principles we suggest the following schedule for our united focus:

The Law of Right Human Relations          - January and February

The Principle of Goodwill                        - March and April

The Law of Group Endeavor                   - May and June

The Principle of Unanimity                       - July and August

The Law of Spiritual Approach                - September and October

The Principle of Essential Divinity             - November and December

Our group meditation will focus on each of the above Laws and Principles for a two month period as indicated above, and do so on every Monday and Friday of the weeks during this period. We will supply a list of  related qualities as a suggested focus for every day of the week.

Along with a description of each of the Laws and Principles which will be sent prior to every schedule, we will include a step by step guideline on Creative Meditation with the first focus which will begin in January 2002 with The Law of Right Human Relations.

Please share this powerful service with others by distributing the material we will be sending you among your friends. People can join in this meditation effort at any time of the year.

(source: Meditation Group for the New Age).


Universal Laws Committee

The World Service Association - P.O. Box 733, Salmon Arm, BC. V1E 4N8

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