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The Universal Laws and Principles


Reflections on Group Endeavor

Our group relation must be seen (visualized) and acknowledged. Not only must we fulfill in love our family and national obligations, but we must think in the wider terms of humanity itself.

The questions which will arise are:

            Will this action of mine tend towards the group good?

            Will the group be hurt or suffer, if I do thus and so?

            Will this benefit the group and produce group progress, group integration and group unity?

Understanding and goodwill towards all human beings, working out as harmlessness and a desire for group goodwill, will gradually become determining factors in the consciousness of the human race, and our civilization will adjust itself in time to these new conditions. The difference between the past and present readiness lies in the fact that in the past this readiness was a purely individual matter; today it is something which is closely related to group identity and the individual aspect is of secondary importance.

There exists upon Earth, in every nation, men and women who in some form or another recognize the spirituality of the planet, who have a quality of non-separateness definitely present or else rapidly developing, and who are gathered together in no limiting organization but  primarily by their trend of thought and the habit of their activity. They constitute a group who are subjectively, spiritually, practically and openly creating a new form of human relationship. This new relation results in mutual understanding and a mental cooperation which recognizes no barriers or national limitations. On the inner side of spiritual incentive and endeavor they work today as one group; on the outer side of world affairs they may not be aware of each other physically or arrive at any open contact, yet they are animated by the same principles and are carrying forward - in all nations and in every great department of human thinking and planning - a similar work. 

This New Group of World Servers offers a practical expression of an existent unity based upon oneness of motive, of recognition, of orientation towards the spiritual world and towards the service of humanity, of methods and of ideas; and all of this in spite of the fact that the physical plane relationship is usually non-existent and outer organization and recognition lack. The unity is subjective and for that reason is impervious to every taint of separateness. 

Through this bond of service we become definitely an ever increasing radiant centre of magnetic life, fusing the people with whom we work through love and understanding. As our work grows and our boundaries extend we may be faced increasingly with the perplexities and difficulties incident upon human relationships. These must be handled with impersonality, love and silence. Seek to integrate others into the service of humanity by yourself standing in spiritual being and radiating love and wisdom... ”Live on the mountain top and walk there with your brothers and sisters. Keep the vision clear above the fogs of earth”.

 It would be of value at this time to indicate three of the functions of this New Group so that there may be a clear picture of the work that must be accomplished during the next years.

This work is intended:

            1. To produce a balancing of the forces present in the world today, and responsible for the widespread unrest and chaos, so that it will be possible for the race to swing back to a point of equilibrium.

            2. To act as the interpreters of the new attitudes and the new activities, which must eventually govern humanity in this Aquarian age we have embarked upon.

            3. To bring about the eventual synthesis and unification of men and women of goodwill and of understanding into one coherent body. The many who are working in isolated fashion in the various fields of human endeavors, political, religious, scientific and economic, must be brought into touch with each other, and thus made to realize their essential unity.

 Excerpts from “Serving Humanity” by Alice Bailey. Pp. 301 and 458-463


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