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The Universal Laws and Principles


The Law Of Group Endeavour


This Law can be considered as the outstanding law of the New Era. But the first thing to be realized is that groups in the Aquarian Age will be quite different in character from those which have existed up until now. The authoritarian attitude of the leader at the center belongs to the past, and the groups of this Age will be free associations of individuals and be held together by a common idea, a common purpose, and a common service. The pattern of such groups will no longer be that of a solar system, with a great center of light and lesser units revolving around it; it will be much more like a constellation of stars or suns proceeding unitedly towards a common goal. 


This calls for a high standard of integration and mutual dedication to the objective of the group by its members, which is something that can only be arrived at through inner, unanimous orientation. This is a very different thing from outer imposed discipline, and to understand how it may be arrived at a brief survey of how a group is constituted may be helpful. 


First of all it should be realized that a group - a coalescence of individuals - forms in itself a living entity. This is a difficult concept for our objective minds which are accustomed to associate each living being with a corresponding separate and visible body. But if we examine the analogy of a nation or of a human being, it becomes clear that the interplay and blending of the units constitutes a whole, which in its turn becomes a living, qualitative, purposeful entity, composed of the sum total of its parts and existing through them as a manifesting force. 


The inner, spontaneous integration of groups in the Aquarian Age grows primarily out of their united purpose. These groups are not formed for the betterment of the individual members, but have a greater purpose, an objective which the individuals could not reach alone and which shines out before them as a magnetic and compelling goal. That objective or purpose may be to meet the need of some section of humanity, to establish some idea or ideal, or to lift some of the burden that oppresses humanity, but no matter what its nature it will be for the good of a greater number. 


This is the basic purpose of the Law of Group Endeavour - the elevation of the whole - which in the past has been attempted individually, but now can be brought about more rapidly by our combining together in group work. The power of united effort upon the physical plane is being realized today on a large scale. The power of united emotion is also being recognized and often exploited - as well as feared. But the power of unified thought has been little grasped as yet. This however, must and will be the great mode of creative action in the present age.


Group work of this type necessitates considerable self discipline. Individuality, while its qualities are needed when blended in the whole, must be so merged in the united purpose that it is not individualistic in expression or attached to its own freedom, as even freedom may become a glamour. Such qualities as love, tolerance, understanding and service need cultivation and deliberate use, while criticism, self-assertion, indifference and other separating tendencies call for a constant vigilance so that they may be offset. Group relationship calls for skill and sacrifice. 


Let us remember that it is not our task to fight those separative and reactionary groups that we all are painfully aware of. We should endeavor to invoke, to bring in, the new and higher energies through the dynamic use of invocation, and at the same time to cooperate with all who attempt to establish the Laws and Principles of the Kingdom of God and the specific characteristics of the Aquarian Age. That means substituting the new for the old, and what unifies for what separates.


Our Goal: To Be A Serving Group


The chief tool for our group is meditation, with a special emphasis on Creative Meditation. After having thoroughly clarified in our minds through our reflections the characteristics, the tasks, the ideas and our ideals for humanity, our chief endeavor is to meditate creatively on them. We then need to culminate our meditation by vitalizing our thought-forms and to formulate this into a simple phrase in order to radiate this energy to humanity. Visualizing the manifestation of this energy as a fact that now exists is a powerful tool of trust and thankfulness. ( see the handouts on Creative Meditation and Radiating to Humanity).


As a general consideration, it is well to keep in mind the important distinction between the vision of possible achievement in this Aquarian Age when fully manifested and the initial steps towards this goal which have to be taken in the immediate future. Let us avoid the illusion, which would lead to inevitable disillusionment, that it is possible at present to force through achievements that what can only be the outcome of a gradual process.


In order to keep the original purpose of our Meditation Group constantly in view and remain faithful to it, we shall try to relate the work in the various fields of human endeavor to the three Universal Laws and the three Universal Principles, realizing our great opportunity for manifesting this wholeness for humanity and our planet. Therefore we need to carefully maintain the established rhythm of meditating throughout the year on one of the Laws or Principles for each two months’ period, taking them in orderly succession. This we need to do both in an inclusive way as well as in their specific applications to each field of human endeavor: religion, politics, education, economics etc.


The vast scope of this program of meditating on the Universal Laws and Principles should not discourage anybody. To cooperate in carrying it out requires no special abilities and no particularly favorable conditions of time, health, etc. Each and all can do something, and every contribution, however small, is a rivulet which goes to increase the stream. Even when one is unable to meditate properly, focusing on the Laws and Principles two times a week and sending this energy out on beams of Light and Love to a planet in need, one is an essential link in our Group Endeavour. Also the mere fact of being informed about what is being done and spreading this information when possible to others helps to create the pool of thought and directs the desire and aspiration of humanity towards a better world.


All of us can have, and keep alive, the vision of a new and better way of living on this planet and a new and greater achievement by humanity in its onward march, impelled by the force of evolution, endeavoring to do its part in bringing about the manifestation of a new world.


The Law of Group Endeavour and Glamour


When considering the Law of Group Endeavor we again come face to face with the glamour connected with our relations with others. For example self-assertion is in direct opposition to group endeavor; self-centeredness prohibits, or makes very difficult, the free interplay of true group life; possessiveness obstructs sharing. In fact it can be said that attempts to live in groups and work with the Law of Group Endeavour presents a stern testing of ourselves in connection with these kinds of glamour, and offer much opportunity for learning to eliminate them.


Our concepts of group life and group endeavor should not be confined to the specific and comparatively small groups we may join for a particular purpose or because of mutual interest. We all belong to groups of all kinds and this means we need to think in terms of what we are doing as a community and what responsibility we have as a nation. We are responsible for dissipating group glamour on a national, racial and worldwide scale.


Some glamours which prevent Group Endeavour:


Personal ambition Need of being right Dictatorship
Self-interest Narrow vision Fanaticism
Spiritual pride Possessiveness Imposition of authority
Independence of the group    








- What seem to be the glamours of the groups to which I belong? 

- Does my attitude contribute to these glamours, and what can I do to help dissipate them?


Qualities of Group Endeavour *


Love Gratitude Peace Harmony
Compassion Forgiveness Honesty Strength
Enthusiasm Purpose Integrity Grace
Detachment Trust Humor Oneness
Service Harmlessness Openness Wisdom
Serenity Patience Brotherhood Spontaneity
Steadfastness Discrimination Understanding Unity
Discipline Sharing Communication Tolerance
Creativity Generosity Good Will Responsibility
Truth Power Focus Inclusiveness







* Soul Qualities from The Mysteries Revealed by Andrew Schneider p. 56         



Our meditation on the Law of Group Endeavor is for the months of May and June.

We will specifically focus our energies on Mondays and Fridays during this period at a time that suits you best. However you may wish to focus on the Law of Group Endeavour for other days as well.


(source: Meditation Group for the New Age).


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