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The Universal Laws and Principles


The Principal of Goodwill

Imagine what the world would be like if each and every person on the planet infused their consciousness and daily activities with goodwill.  What would it be like if the majority of people were concerned with others, not just their own selfish goals?  According to D.K., the Tibetan Teacher, “the concept of easier, unified, and happy relations, is existent in the minds of many thousands everywhere, and the factual reality will materialize some day.”  “The first step is the wholesome recognition that cleavages exist; it is here that goodwill can do its most useful and necessary work...It is the cultivation of a spiritual attitude that is needed, and the dedication, at all times, and in every possible way, to the will-to-good.”  “The united action of men and women of goodwill and understanding can establish a true prosperity, the result of unity, peace, and plenty.”

How can we do our part to meet the great need of the hour?  At this most unique moment in history, the principle of goodwill is sorely needed.  We must recognize the potential we have to radiate goodwill out to all humanity, and through this, to join with countless others, in building a new civilization.  “Goodwill is a constructive energy, positive and radiatory, as well as a magnetic force.  In visualizing the spirit of goodwill as a ray of light reaching from a center of goodwill that originates with ourselves, we can have more effect than we can possibly imagine.”  “One person sincerely practicing goodwill in a family can completely change its attitudes.  Goodwill really practiced among groups in any nation, by political, and religious parties in any nation, and among the nations of the world, can revolutionize the world.”

“Goodwill is contagious!”  Catch it!

Adapted from the writings of D.K., Alice A. Bailey and Roberto Assagioli


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