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The Universal Laws and Principles

The Law of Spiritual Approach

An Interview with Frances Moore

 This interview is somewhat different from the norm, since Frances lives in California/USA and we live in British Columbia/Canada. Because of the great distance between us we did this interview by mail. 

Frances Moore was director of Meditation Mount in Ojai/California for 30 years and we are very grateful to her that she consented to answer the questions related to our subject. With her deep knowledge of Esoteric Studies she was instrumental in disseminating  the Universal Laws and Principles.


Judy Brown, WSA, (World service Association): First of all, Frances, could you tell us a little of your life before you came to Meditation Mount? And what was the deciding factor to dedicate your life to the responsibilities on Meditation Mount? 

Frances: I was born in Delphasnear Maschetan, Kansas, moving to the panhandle of Oklahoma, at 9 months of age, almost dying of whooping cough at that time. (My future husband almost died of pneumonia at 9 months). 

I began writing poetry at the age of six years, my first published poem was at age fourteen. I had always led a meditative and contemplative life - I cannot remember a time when I was not aware of my soul as a member of the group soul. I married Wesley Moore at age twenty-six and eventually had two daughters, Mary and Margaret(Meg), six grandchildren, three boys and three girls, two great-grandchildren (a boy and a girl) and two great-great-grandchildren (a boy and a girl). 

After hearing a lecture given by Florence Garrigue, I moved to Ojai/California and later Florence and I moved onto the Mountain. I moved off the Mountain in July 2000 and resigned from the Board of Directors in October 2001. 

WSA: What was your focus and vision for Meditation Mount 30 years ago? 

Frances: Thirty years ago I envisioned Meditation Mount as an International Esoteric Meditation Center, which it became. Eight or so years ago the Mount lost its Esoteric core through the deaths and resignation of key esoteric leaders and began to go “horizontal” and more of a business. 

WSA: Please explain the role Meditation Mount played in connection with the programs on the Universal Laws and Principles. 

Frances: The Laws and Principles seemed to me valid rules for life direction and commitment. 

WSA: Through my association over the years with Meditation Mount I could see a steady growth process. Do you feel that this is a given when one is on the “Spiritual Path”? 

Frances: In 2002 I formed the organism “Seed Groups International”, which now numbers 99 Co-Servers and is focalized by Davina Cox, Tina Forbes of Great Britain and myself. If one is truly on the Path, there is a natural growth progression in process. 

WSA: My last question: What do you envision for the future by meditating on the Universal Laws and Principles? Do you feel there is still a need for it? 

Frances: It seems to me that we have as yet only scratched the surface of the Laws and Principles. We have only a fragmented knowledge of their meaning and significance.

These are some of my thoughts on the Principle of Essential Divinity: 

- Essential Divinity is the home of the Spirit.

- It is the site of our spiritual identity.

- It is the Reality of Realities.

- Essential Divinity represents CARE OF BEING  rather than necessity.

- Essential Divinity is the first Cause.

- It brings about the realization that ALL LIFE IS DIVINE.

- It is the ultimate of ultimates.

- It is the Royal Path and the treasure of treasures

- Essential Divinity is a major transformative Power - bringing about magical transformation.

- It is a focussing lens and a fact of life

I have always been aware of the journey to the Source and as I look back on my life I see that I have made very few brief detours. 

WSA: We are very grateful and appreciative Frances that you consented to be a part of our project. With your many years of experience on this particular subject you are a guiding Light for all of us. Thank you so much. Our Love and Blessings for your well-being on your continuing journey. 

P.S. Frances A. Moore celebrated her 96th birthday this year.


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