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The Universal Laws and Principles

The Principle of Essential Divinity

Reflections on Essential Divinity - Part 2

As we approach the Universal Laws and Principle of Essential Divinity, it is a good time to reflect how the practice of meditating on these laws and principles helps us to keep a balance between our life on this troubled planet and the Beauty and Goodness which is our link to the Spiritual Essence in all of us, and to the Universal Truth.

Essential Divinity has manifested itself in and through humanity during the many epochs of its evolution, prompted by a divine spark both within the individual and within humanity as a group and overshadowed by a Soul Who forever is responding to receptivity and need. As human beings we have built on the learning and insights of what existed before us. Although we have become increasingly aware of this fact we have been rather lacking in our appreciation and consciousness. Our tendency has become  critical and intolerant of that which we consider to be no longer current or applicable. In our reflections on Essential Divinity it is crucial to round off our wisdom and insight by honouring the essence of the past and integrate its learning and teaching into our present dispensation.

Lucille Cedercrans in Nature of The Soul * has put this very succinctly. May these thoughts stimulate and energize your meditations.

We tend to think, as the old gives away to the new, that that which already is, must be eliminated; it becomes unwanted and scorned because it is of the past. We fail to realize that it is the past and the future which, in their conjunction, produce the present moment. Therefore, the individual who, in his blindness, fails to take what is into consideration, and who would too quickly pass from and disregard the realities of the past, moves foolishly in his own little sphere of glamour, being of little use to the Plan he thinks he seeks to serve. 

The sixth ray of Devotion is in its highest aspect the energy of the idea, or ideal, of Divinity which is conceived in the consciousness of the Soul. Thus it is the Soul endowed with the ability to ideate, i.e., to create a form in consciousness which is an expression of Divine Being. 

Would we pass too quickly from this energy of expression? Would we fail to perceive and carry with us that which it has built into the consciousness of humanity during the past age? The very idea of God, and Gods, of beauty, harmony and truth itself, is basically an expression of the sixth ray. Humanity has perceived the idea of the good, the true and the beautiful, and has responded to that idea. God help us to maintain it during this next era of logic and reason, of magic and order. Let it be the foundation from which our logic, reason, magic and order may proceed. 

As these new energies impact upon that which is already built in, they naturally produce a conflict in which the old form is disintegrated. This is a necessary manifestation in the evolutionary process, and it could be a painless one if the consciousness involved would detach sufficiently from the form to maintain the idea which is Truth. When the form is seen as the importance, the idea is lost as the form goes down in the face of the new impact. 

We look about us in the world today and we see many appearances, some loved, others hated. These appearances are of such a fast changing countenance that we hardly know them from one year to the next. Many are disintegrating, disappearing before our very eyes. As we watch all of this, we tend to react in one of two ways:

            1. to mourn the lost form, seeking solace in grief,

            2. or to scorn it as being old and outworn, a false thing of the past. 

Either way is a personal attachment to the form, and in both the idea is lost. 

We see this taking place particularly in the religious world as the conflict between the new energies of Science and the older, more stable energy of Religion destroy the form. 

What can the probationer do to be of service during this crucial period in the growth and development of humanity? 

Above all, he can understand. He can observe the truths which were the motivations behind the present religious structure, and which are again the same motivations behind the new era of science. He can see these truths in their essential reality and make his peace with both energy expressions of them. Thus, he becomes a peacemaker in an era of conflict; a custodian of Light, of Wisdom, and so seal the cleavage, heal the breach between Science and Religion. 

The disciple who is wise never speaks out against a religious form truth has taken, but rather he breathes forth that truth in such purity that the old form is not mourned.. He points out and reveals that synthesis which is the same truth in both the old and the new and so points the way of progress. 

As you move in the world of form, and as you observe both the old and the new, seek truth in the idea. Look past the form to that idea which is its Soul, its cause, in order to preserve and to perpetuate the good, the true and the beautiful gained in the past. Thus is that error which sends humanity into the experience of the dark ages avoided during a new cycle. 

Let your new seed thought for meditation be a receptivity to the Divine Ideas of the overshadowing Soul, before they have taken form. 

* from "The Nature of The Soul", by Lucille Cedercrans. Wisdom Impressions. ISBN 1-883493-0201

The following are excerpts from Bridges by Aart Juriaanse, pp. 449 - 452.

Throughout the world there is today a search and demand for truer values, a rejection of the norms which conditioned the past and an urge for demonstrating those virtues, spiritual impulses and incentives, which is realized must supersede material values if happiness is to be found. It is everywhere becoming apparent that humanity as a whole is experiencing an expansion of consciousness, and that humanity is rapidly being equipped to absorb more light and is expectant of a coming revelation and a new dispensation. Humanity is already so far advanced that these demands and expectations, which are largely being unconsciously invoked, do not merely concern material benefits, but primarily encompass spiritual vision, true values and improved human relationships. This invocative call, when it becomes more clearly defined and accentuated, cannot be ignored.

With the growing consciousness of the existence of more exalted realms, the spiritual being lifts his eyes from his circumscribed personality experience to study the nature of the Greater Whole which is unfolding before us. Our breadth of vision is developing, thus expanding our horizons and providing deeper understanding. We recognize the basic unity of creation, all of which is focused on the One Life.

The evolutionary urge of the human being, that irresistible impulse to push forward along the Lighted Way "from darkness into light, from the unreal to the real and from death to immortality", is the divine attribute, inherent in all created forms and for which the human mind can give no satisfactory explanation.


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