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The Universal Laws and Principles

The Principle of Essential Divinity - Part 1

Reflections on Essential Divinity

When we are reflecting on the Essential Divinity of all human beings, it is important for us to affirm our connection to the Divine Plan operating in all human affairs. This is not only important for our own peace of mind but we will also transmit this insight and understanding to all whom we may contact. Especially in times of human and planetary crisis it often is difficult to see that Divine Plan. However in spite of what we may experience and perceive, humanity is evolving, be it with very small steps. The questions to ask ourselves are: What is the learning that is needed? How can we align ourselves with that energy and empower it?  As people of goodwill we must come to the full realization that we hold the balance for  greater understanding and insight  to bring humanity into the Light of Goodwill and Oneness with all life. As it is stated in our meditation on Essential Divinity: “We are part of a great life process that must have a purpose underlying the rhythm, the precision, and the patterns that surround us and are also within us”. We are not abandoned! 

The following excerpts are taken from The Nature of The Soul, by Lucille Cedercrans.* We have taken the liberty to change the male gender in the text to a more inclusive gender.

“The Divine Plan is always in manifestation, regardless of outer appearance. That manifestation may be a becoming, or a perfection, but it is always there, moving within the appearance to restore order out of chaos; working out through the appearance into the Light of Day. War, for example, is the Divine Plan, as a becoming, for it must eventually teach man the error of his violence, while world unity and peace would be the Divine Plan in a phase of perfect expression.

Divine Energy, then, operates according to its own laws, which are invoked the moment it is moved from a potential into an actual expression. Each energy is impressed with a Divine Intent, which when violated results in a manifestation of negative effect in the life and affairs of its violator. The succession of negative effects in the life and affairs of an individual will eventually awaken within a need to learn the right use of energy. This phase of evolutionary process we call the path of experience, for it proceeds via the trial and error methods, with little conscious effort made toward Spiritual development. 

The Soul-infused persona is attempting to appropriate energy and to direct it into manifestation according to its Divine Intent. This activity we define as service to the Plan, and those who are engaged in the activity we define as disciples. 

As the energy of Divine Will impacts upon the consciousness of a beginner on the path, we see it manifesting in the mind as the Will to Good. This is the first major step we take in our reorientation to the Soul. Our little will, which has heretofore been concerned with the affairs of the separated persona, is aligned with the Will of God, as we begin to think in terms of the betterment of humanity. Thus the good of the many becomes the motivating impulse underlying all of our activity. We are moved by that impulse to express goodwill towards our friends, relatives, and associates, so our oneness with humanity becomes, for us, a fact in nature.

As we envision the ideal, that ideal begins to include the right use of Will energy,  the person begins to think in terms of the three component parts of this first aspect of Deity:

  1. Purpose

  2. Power

  3. Will 

The individual will is derived, then, from the Purpose and Power of God. We begin to glimpse a Divine Purpose (Intent) working out through every situation we see manifesting about us. We know that the Power of God to manifest the good, the true and the beautiful is inherent within that underlying purpose, so we seize upon it as our own. We make ourselves receptive to Divine Intent, (not my will, Father, but Thine) and via an acceptance of it, invoke the Power of God into manifestation. 

In this way, the beginner on the path becomes the probationer disciple, and begins to contribute his/her energy to the forces of Light upon the planet.. He/She serves the Divine Purpose which underlies all manifestation. 

This results in an attitude which is quite different from that of the average reformer in the world. Rather than attempting to stamp out so-called evil via inhibition, the probationer calls forth the Divine Purpose from within the form to manifest the good, the true and the beautiful.

A negative situation is not seen, then, as something that must be stopped. It is seen as misuse of available energy, as ignorance of Divine Intent, and, as such, it is recognized as a vehicle of manifestation for the Divine Plan.

The probationer grounds the Plan (aids its manifestation) by recognizing its existence within the form, and calling it forth into appearance in the Light of Day. 

The disciple, then, looks upon disease, hunger, war etc. as necessary vehicles through which the Will of God is making itself known. How else is the individual or the world of humanity to know the Greater Purpose? 

The ills of the body become secondary factors, important only in their disclosure of the ills of the consciousness. The body cannot, must not, be healed to cover a sick and Spiritually ignorant consciousness. In such cases the disease goes inward to later erupt with greater violence and pain. Such eruption may be delayed for an entire incarnation, only to bring the soul back into a crippled and pain-ridden vehicle for which there is no known cure. 

How, then, can we be of service in a world which is characteristically painful? How can health, peace and goodwill be made manifest in the life and affairs of humanity? In the face of such odds?

The answer is not so difficult, nor so hidden as it would appear. It remains only for the aspirants in the world to become disciples, to arrive at those attitudes which in their sum-total constitutes discipleship.

We like to think of our God as a kind and benevolent Father, yet we do not recognize the Wisdom of His ways. 

If a person be sick, if a world be at war, let us then recognize a Divine Purpose underlying the condition. Let us accept the sickness and the war, as being a vehicle through which the consciousness involved is presented with an opportunity for Spiritual growth. Let us serve by becoming receptive to God’s Will, to Divine Purpose, in any event, and by calling it forth from within the event to grow and bloom a  flower of Truth. The beauty and fragrance of the flower will then dispel the sickness and the wrong relationship manifesting between fellow human beings.” (ibid. p.53-56) 

There is another factor to be considered here, and that is the law of cause and effect. Cause originates in the inner world of thought, and effect is the manifestation of that thought in form. We find that every situation is the effect of a state of consciousness, and that to successfully change the situation, we must work with the consciousness aspect which is its cause. Therefore, the disciple works from above, downward. We extend our awareness into the world of mind, and of emotions, as well as the world of form. We have sensed something of the Divine Plan. We then work to establish a state of consciousness within the mental sphere, a condition within the astral-emotional sphere, and intelligent activity in the physical.” (ibid. p. 58) 

* The Nature of The Soul by Lucille Cedercrans. Wisdom Impressions. ISBN 1-883493-0201


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