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The Universal Laws and Principles


“Through Meditation you start to build a broadcasting station in your higher mind. You take from above and you give below. You may receive impressions from your Soul, from your Master, from Hierarchy, and even from “the Center where the Will of God is known.”

Then you broadcast great love, great harmony, great beauty and understanding to the world of humanity. This brings alignment within your bodies (your being) and within your environment.” H. Saraydarian: The Science of Meditation

Through meditation we are able to touch on universal ideas and through our consciousness as we walk this earth we also bring these Truths into the consciousness of humanity.

 And herein lies the Service of Meditation:

It is not only for our own development; But for the development of humanity as a whole.

 Our Task in meditation is:

1. To invoke the Light through our Soul

2. To absorb that Light

3. To radiate the Light

“Just as a flower reaches towards the light of the sun, so the aspirant reaches toward the light of the Soul. This he does with his/her whole being.”  H. Saraydarian

This radiation of the aspiring person is characterized by his giving of him/herself in service with the energy received from the Soul. This continual reaching toward the Light, and in turn giving and sharing of that Light is called Aspiration. Pay attention to the term “continual reaching”. True aspiration is only achieved by a continuous invocation of the wisdom of the Soul and Divine Will. Meditation is the bridge for Aspiration. 

Meditation helps us to formulate our thoughts and clarifies our thinking. Gradually we become more focused and receptive to the finer qualities from the Soul, and our everyday activities become Soul-inspired. We walk a Path of Love and Beauty. 

Our form of meditation on the Universal Laws and Principles is a Service Meditation, called Creative Meditation. It brings Spirit into Matter: in everyday life and actions.

Creative Meditation is an intelligent activity that has a purpose and which requires our discriminative participation. 

It can be broken down into the following eight steps:

1. Setting the Intent for the Meditation

This is a most important step as it helps us to focus and to realign ourselves when needed.

It is the personality who sets the intent in response to a felt need. When setting the intent for the Meditation be as clear and succinct as possible. Formulate words that are easy to recall when you need to refocus. Especially as a beginner of meditation you may need to refocus time and again. This is especially true when there is a lot going on in your life.

2. Examining the Form of the Meditation.

This we do by using as many of the five senses as are applicable. For example if we choose a subject like Goodwill, we can examine what the word itself means - will to good. What meaning does it have for us personally - how does Goodwill affect our personal life, our community, the world. What feelings and aspirations do you have when you envision Goodwill in action. We can use this examination of the form with other Soul qualities or virtues like Love, Beauty, Harmlessness. We can also use this same method when we need guidance on a particular issue or question we may have.

3. Identification with the Form or Object of the Meditation.

At this point we enter deeper into the Meditation and become one with our object, we identify with the qualities we perceive. Remember it is the personality who meditates and seeks guidance. This is the stage of becoming and being with the quality. 

4. Discriminative Participation.

We may now invoke a yet deeper connection with the Soul or a Master using our intelligence and thoughtforms, becoming receptive to the Higher Qualities of the object of our Meditation. We are still involved with our objective but with enough detachment to use our discrimination and discover its deeper meaning from a perspective of wholeness and inclusiveness. When we are thus receptive we are using our Higher Mind. It is important to note that this connection to the Soul, the Master and the Higher Mind is achieved rather simply: by our intention.

5. Inspiration Through Discovering Its Higher Purpose.

Inspiration is that moment of enlightenment when we are beginning to see clearly. The word inspiration itself denotes the action of a deep in-breath. It clears our emotions, our glamours, our attachments. There is Light in our conditioning, a Light that motivates to Right Action.

Through inspiration we discover a connectedness with all that is, especially a universal connection with our Soul and the Divine: We suddenly realize that we are not alone: There is a practical communion available to us for guidance on our Path and the Path of Humanity.

6. Identification with the Soul or our Spirit.

Through all of the above steps we come to the realization that we are Soul and not only personality. We walk our Path with a deeper sense of purpose and connection to a greater Plan for humanity. We realize that we as individuals are an essential link towards the unfoldment of that Plan. 

7. Radiating Light from Our Soul to Humanity.

During Creative Meditation we become a Chalice that is constantly being filled as it is emptied, sharing of our insights and abundance with humanity. To radiate to all of humanity the insights we have received during our Meditation, we need to formulate these thoughts into a simple sentence that carries that energy. Using our example of Goodwill we might say, and do so with full focus and intention, “ May Forgiveness and Goodwill empower Oneness in Humanity.”

We then visualize humanity receiving this blessing and acting upon it. In conclusion we give thanks for the blessings received. 

8. Recording Insights Received in a Meditation Journal.

Recording our meditation experiences helps us to ground the energies and the wisdom we received during our meditations. Writing it down anchors it firmly into our consciousness and brings it into our awareness in our everyday interactions as we walk our Path. 


To concentrate means to focus our full attention as well as our consciousness on the object of our meditation without being distracted by anything else. By focusing the mind on the intention of the meditation we learn to control distracting thoughts and emotions and become a clear channel for higher impressions.

The key is to set a clear intent and using the will to link up with the Soul, your Higher Self or your Master, becoming willing and receptive to vision and insight. Through this alignment the emotional and lower mind distractions will eventually disappear.

Concentration needs practice and will become easier and more natural as time goes on. 

It is important that whenever the mind and the attention wanders, to gently bring your focus back without judgment. Because in that very action we are being trained to concentrate.

(source: Meditation Group for the New Age).


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